Empower Reliable Businesses Teragrid network is designed and built to be a highly practical blockchain platform with a mission to realize the trusted economy Whitepaper How It Works

What is Teragrid?

A highly practical multi-consensus blockchain infrastructure to boost real-life adoption by enabling rapid development and painless deployment of blockchain technology in a wide range of businesses.


Multi-chain support is considered as one of the key features of Teragrid network. Teragrid is a decentralized grid comprised of sovereign parallel leagues. Each league is an independent, private or public blockchain with its own consensus algorithm and network configuration.


Each league is a decentralized network of autonomous cells. Cell is an unit of computation in Teragrid. Moreover, cell is instantiated dynamically and it runs on a physical network node of Teragrid. Cell is a logical network node, and each physical network node or peer in Teragrid has one or more cells running on it.

Blockchain Framework Parkhill

Parkhill is designed to be a powerful and flexible blockchain framework for rapid development and deployment of a decentralized application on Teragrid network. Parkhill applies best practices of modern software design in its architecture such as modularity and microservices.

Multi-Consensus Support

Teragrid is a multi-chain network, and each blockchain can set up its own consensus protocol according to its business nature. Thus, Teragrid plans to support several widely-adopted consensus algorithms such as Proof of Stake, Proof of Authority and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT).

Teracoin vs. Teratoken

To prevent volatility of cryptocurrency, Teragrid introduces a novel solution by separating two different characteristics including stock and currency. Teracoin (TERA) will represent shares and will be traded on the exchanges, which allows its price being fluctuated. Teratoken (TeraUSD) will represent currency or payment means and will be used internally only in Teragrid services or Dcodes. In addition, Teracoin (TERA) and Teratoken (TeraUSD) will be exchangeable back and forth via TeraWallet.

Why Use Teragrid?

To address the limitations of the current blockchain technology, we have defined a set of criteria for our own blockchain infrastructure. In more details, Teragrid network provides rational solutions to achieve low cost, high scalability and customizability with highly efficient Consensus classes, besides modularity and microservice approach. Firm security and privacy protection with multi-leagues concept, high deployability and adoptability with a built-in framework Parkhill.


High cost is not only the hindrance which prevents blockchain technology from being adopted widely in reality. That seems diverge from one of its original principles, which is to reduce cost by cutting off the trusted authority in its transactions.


Scalability of a blockchain is heavily affected by its consensus algorithm and system architecture. Consensus algorithm PoW which is used widely in early blockchain infrastructures such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has been proved energy-inefficiency and poor performance.


Public blockchains focus their attention on transparency rather than privacy. Transparency is applaudable for some businesses, but it would be valued less for other ones. For those businesses, privacy is vital and more important than transparency.


Unfriendly to use and time-consuming to develop a decentralized application are two of several reasons for why blockchain is still challenging to be adopted broadly by businesses and common users.