How do I get Teracoins (TERA)?

Currently, Teracoins are only sole via private sales. If you want to buy you need to wait until Teragrid Network is officially launched in 2021 as planned.

How do I join the private sales?

If you have a good vision on blockchain technology and interested in working with our team, please drop us an email at terateam@teragrid.network.

Are Teracoins listed on exchanges?

No. Teragrid Network Mainnet 1.0 has not yet launched, which means that Teracoins are not on exchanges yet. In addition, by the time the Mainnet is launched, the native stablecoin – TeraUSD (TUSD) will be used across the network and can be exchangeable with Teracoins via TeraWallet.

Who is the team behind Teragrid?

Teragrid development is primarily led by Terateam.

What is Teragrid in common sense?

Teragrid is a highly practical blockchain operating system (Blockchain OS) which supports multi-chain and multi-consensus to satisfy a wide range of businesses.

Teragrid guarantees usability, scalability by reducing blockchain application development time, improving transaction processing speed and cutting down the operation cost.

Teragrid is Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and a Decentralized Marketplace (D-Marketplace) for computing resources

Why do I need Teragrid?

As a general-purposed blockchain, Teragrid will help solve the current social and economic challenges due to its following characteristics:

  • Trust: it is guaranteed by mathematical theories without a need for a central authority as traditional
  • Persistence: blockchain is a secure and¬†irreversible data storage
  • Readiness: blockchain is a decentralized and peer-to-peer (P2P) network and it stores a replicate of the whole data in each peer
  • Borderless: transactions on a blockchain network will be sent via Internet
  • Accessibility: blockchain can cut off the bureaucratic processes of traditional businesses
  • Transparency and community: All transaction will be processed and stored via a validated consensus among all member of a blockchain network
  • Multilateral cooperation: A blockchain application would need a vertical cooperation of multiple sectors in a particular industry.

Being a highly practical multi-chain blockchain, Teragrid offers a reasonable solution which prioritizes on scalability, security, privacy and cross-chain payment by supporting multi-chain and multi-consensus. Supporting multi-chain and multi-consensus, Teragrid will be also able to meet demands of various businesses.

Teragrid also pays much attention on blockchain application developer community by providing a Parkhill Framework with an aim to ease the blockchain application development and deployment.